RFID enabled self service kiosks

With the advent of touch screen technology, more and more kiosks – self serviced type systems are surfacing these days. Basis of this idea is to provide more personalized service to the end user by way of providing him with the personalized menus and ability to choose and view what he wants to. HDFC bank personalized menus for withdrawing cash from ATM’s is no longer a new thing in the market. Here, as soon as you insert your card, the ATM machine (A type of Kiosk) identifies the person and prompts for the ATM pin for authentication. After punching in the ATM pin number, the system takes you to your own created menu for cash withdrawal. Another self service type system can be seen at Bangalore railway station, where one can issue a platform ticket using a ticket vending machine. This is not a touch screen system, which it need not be also, but serves the purpose and eliminates the need of a human issuing those tickets.

Around the same lines, C&B is implementing a self service RFID based system for a renowned company in India. The requirement is to track asset movement in/out of a specialized lab which stores different kind of assets. Here, each employee shall be issued a RFID card, which the employee shall use to authenticate themselves. Also, each asset inside the lab shall be tagged with a RFID tag. Any employee, who wishes to issue an asset for study or research, will have to first authenticate himself at the kiosk and register the asset in the system. To register, all the employee needs to do is place the asset at a designated place on the kiosk. System will automatically display the asset information like asset type, asset name and description etc. The RFID tag associated with each asset gets read by the RFID reader (part of the Kiosk System) and based on the tag ID, the asset information is fetched from the data store and displayed on the system. Employee then can touch on the issue button on the touch screen to issue the assets and the same shall be updated in the data store. This way, the system not only automates the issue/return of assets but also creates a data store which can be used to run various MIS reports etc.

Self Service Kiosk system is not a new phenomenal; cigarette vending machines, ticketing machines, ATM machines are some of the oldest self service kiosk systems in use, worldwide. The only thing new is that more and more such systems will start finding their place in offices, education institutes, and IT parks. The use of RFID technology in the authentication process and in some cases to identify assets automatically is going to add more value to the service.

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