SmartYard™ brings real-time visibility to container yard operations using IoT and computer vision technology. Say goodbye to congestion and hello to seamless yard management with SmartYard™.

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Immediate Visibility When You Need It Most

SmartYard™ is a self-sufficient standalone solution for your yard. The automatic data collection and analysis helps in accurate planning. Congestions can be avoided and activities planned accurately, increasing operational efficiency.


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Gate Automation

Our computer vision backed by ML and AI enables seamless gate-in experiences. Capture complete data including container details, trailer numbers, and images from all sides of the container for remote survey.

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Automated Yard Planning

Utilize IoT data in real-time with AI-backed planning models to make the best decisions in yard operations. This ensures optimal yard planning and reduced wastage.

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Automatic Task Allocation

Optimized task delivery based on real-time movement data. Automatically create tasks from various events in the TOS, with bulk task upload options and intelligent task sequencing.

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Value to the End Customer

Provide smoother payment processes and container status updates with our outstanding user experience. Enjoy hassle-free automated cargo clearance and easy online payments.

Frequently Asked Questions

SmartYard™ is a self-sufficient standalone solution for your yard, utilizing IoT and computer vision technology to optimize operations and enhance productivity.

Gate automation uses computer vision backed by ML and AI to provide a seamless gate-in experience, capturing all necessary data for further activities.

Automated yard planning utilizes real-time IoT data and AI-backed models to make optimal decisions, reducing wastage and enhancing overall efficiency.

SmartYard™ provides smoother payment processes, real-time container status updates, and an outstanding user experience with automated cargo clearance and easy online payments.